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Gary Hall T/A Hall Jones, is a Shrewsbury born and bred Chimney sweep with traditional methods of sweeping who covers Shropshire and surrounding areas.

What he does:-

  • Sweeping of all types of chimney flues including stove chimney flues
  • Traditional brush and vacuum service
  • Covering Shropshire and surrounding areas
  • Providing sound advice with a wealth of experience in both sweeping and engineering
  • Covered with public liability insurance
  • Receipts issued as required

It’s vital that your Chimney is swept regularly. If not, the resulting soot in your flue will cause your fire to burn less efficiently or worse it may block the air flow leading to a build up of dangerous gases or causing a Chimney fire.

I am advertising on be half of Gary, so please give him a ring for a free quote or to book in your local friendly sweep today. 01743 271247.

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